Thedra Technologies, Inc. provides manufacturing companies a range of software products and related services to improve the flow of data between manufacturing operations. Our products provide full functionality for operations such as DNCSPC(DPC), Electronic Work Instructions (DML), and Machine Monitoring (DPM). Each of our standard software products can be run standalone, or fully integrated into a comprehensive manufacturing solution. You decide the level of integration required for your operations. We can provide you with a simple standalone or an integrated environment that combines any of our products for a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Demo Software is available for you to try. Each of our demo software modules is a full functioning version that will expire after some period of time. Call us and let us know your needs and interests. We will then email you a link that will allow you to pull down our software and give it a try. We provide you with the full functionalty of the software so you can get the feel for the nature of our software and how we can support you for your specific needs. You will have the software downloaded and up and running on your system in about and hour at the most and in many instances much less time.

Documentation is also provided with all of our software products. Each software products distribution kit will inlcude a Doc's folder that includes comprehensive documentaton in PDF format. For our DPC and DPM products we include a quick tourmanual that will take you through these producs step by step showing you some of the salient features of the software. Call us and give it a try, the only requirement is that you have a PC with Windows Tm operating system with access to the internet.