Most manufacturing companies implement some variant of information work flow as shown in the figure below. Thedra's products affect the manufacturing operations as indicated by the red triangle . All of Thedra's software products are compatible with the standard Ethernet topology implementing PC's, workstations, database servers, and other network functionality.

Thedra's products also work in the area of creating process work instructions and quality plans for delivery of information to fabrication, assembly, and inspection departments, providing documentation requirements as needed for most organizations looking to manage and control their operations through the management and control of precise information being provided between the shop floor and various manufacturing managment functions.

Product Info

Thedra's DNC, DML, and DPC are the delivery vehicles to various shop floor operations for setting up operations, loading machine tools, and inspecting characteristics. DPM is used to instrument and perform real time monitoring of shop floor system such as machine tools and other manufacturing systems. All our software modules interface to most database systems such as Oracle, SQL Server, or any ANSI or ODBC compliant database.