DML-Pro provides a development environment that rapidly creates compound forms for use in electronic work instruction packets. It includes a form creation tool (widgets) that supports all types of data that can be represented in typical forms (text, graphic, database entries, ..). Widgets can be placed, grouped, layered, moved to any location to produce a desired form appearance. Properties can be defined for any widget such as colors, fonts, permissions and rules, or execution of commands when the widget is touched by a authorized user or group. Rules on where to locate or store data in the customers databases or system can also be defined in the system.

DML-Pro also provides a packet definition utility that allow to assemble forms into the packet, incorporate rules about various forms and how they are to be viewed. It can also incorporate the rules and procedures to automate the authoring and assembly of a packets using multiple forms and multiple copies of forms as needed in the work instruction packet. These rules may include access of various data from multiple databases to properly assemble the packet. The system can easily be configured to allows for manual creation of packets using a list of forms to enter data in the packet by authors of such documentation in a companies organization. Implementing calls to third party software packages for the exchange of data or to launch the third part application is also supported. Integration with other Thedra software packages is a standard capability included that exists with all Thedra software.

DML-Pro works with Thedra's Workflow engine, JobQueue system, and User Manager software packages creating a complete work instruction system that accommodates many departments and workstation sites in a typical manufacturing operation.