Thedra's DML-Pro, Workflow and User Manager software provides all the mechanisms to duplicate this environment in electronic form. DML-Pro provides a rapid forms developer that can include text, graphics, or data referenced from the local file system or networked based databases. JobQueue is a runtime execution module that routes the work instructions electronically to locations defined by the Workflow software including security rules established in the User Manager software. JobQueue also launches DML-RT to display the selected work instruction packets on that stations queue.

Other Thedra software applications such as DNC, DPC (SPC), and or DPM (machine monitoring) software can be integrated with the application producing a complete and comprehensive shop floor solution. Integration with other third party applications such as MRP, ERP, CAD, CAM, and databases such as Oracle or any ODBC is also supported.

TrueDML provides manufacturing companies with improved operations by providing concise instructions and information to manufacturing operations throughout the facilities.