TrueDNC is a flexible and powerful low cost DNC system that supports a variety of machine tool controllers through several data communication mechanisms that are compatible with standard network topology. Data can be transferred via Serial Communications, BTR, or network connections using standard Ethernet TCP/IP communication protocols. Among the DNC Functions supported are data transfer to and from machine tool controllers (upload and download). Protocols for serial communications can be through local ports or remote terminal server locations. NC part programs can be referenced from file servers, databases, or local file systems. The software can be easily configured to either work with a database or run as a standalone system referencing local or mounted file systems. Databases supported are Oracle, SQL Server, or any ODBC or ANSI compliant database system.

Drip feed, or block transfer mode, is also supported, providing the ability to continuously feed data to the machine tool directly from the communications media. This allows the user to run long tape files that are too large to fit into the memory of the controller.

An inter-process communication mechanism between applications allows TrueDNC to link with all other Thedra software products.

DNC Main Screen