TrueEDIT performs various operations on NC Tape files. A re-sequence operation allows the user to renumber tape file sequences. Reformat allow the operator to change the data between various machine tool controller formats (4.3 vs leading zeros). Math operations add, subtract, multiply, divide, and mirror can be performed on X,Y,Z I,J,K,F, and other fields set up in the system configuration.

TrueEDIT integrates with Thedra's TrueDNC software and other packages through an interprocess communications mechanism providing a simple user interface for application functionality. This interface allows the customer to build a comprehensive Factory Automation or MES system by integrating with TrueDNC for numerical control and TrueDML for Work Flow Instructions. All Thedra software products can easily be integrated with TrueEDIT through this same mechanism.

Other functions, such as cut, copy, paste and merge, are also supported, rounding out the editor's functionality.

Edit screen