DNC The application that provides interfaces to file system directories and databases for listing and selecting NC tape file. It also ties in utilities for setting up the machine tool interface, listing tapes and calling Thedra's NC Tape editor (TrueEDIT) and NC Tape compare (TrueCOMPARE).

Database Access (From Released, Unreleased database, and To Unreleased Database)
Three command functions are available for bi-directional transfer for NC tape files to/from the RDBMS. There is usually a released and unreleased concept. Uploads go to the unreleased database and are manually put into the released database if approved. This usage is configurable.

List Tape This function allows the user to list the tape file, scroll through it, and search to a specific string in the tape as determined by an input field. A bookmark system allows the user to select a block and highlight it as a starting point in the file. This feature is valuable in drip feed or block by block transfers when large files are employed. By searching to a block number or tool change operation it is possible to resume large part programs in drip feed mode without cutting air.

Select Part This opens the file system or connects to the database to provide a list of NC part programs, and can be set up to perform a list on partial part number input by the operator.

Load This function loads the NC machine tool controller as set up by a machine parameter profile. Multiple protocols are supported for various machine tool controllers.

Receive This function receives the data from the NC machine tool and stores it in the database or file name provided by the operator. Receive defaults to a condition where uploaded files are restricted from overwriting the information in the system that has the same name, forcing a rename so that the original data is not lost.

NC Tape Editor (TrueEDIT) Thedra's NC tape editor is an integrated option of TrueDNC When the editor is invoked the selected part program sent to Thedra's editor through an inter-process communications mechanism.

NC Tape Compare (TrueCOMPARE) TrueCOMPARE allows the user to select two similar NC tape programs and see the deletions, additions, and changes in a color coded scheme (red and green) to easily identify variations between programs. Any program lines that are identical are shown in black.

Setup The setup panels provides definition of machine tool parameters for interfacing to TrueDNC. Parameters such as port, protocol, baud rate, translation tables for a proper machine tool interface are saved in a profile. TrueDNC will load this profile at startup, properly configuring itself to the machine. Multiple startup profiles with multiple TrueDNC can be running on one machine simultaneously. Setup parameters are stored in a file when TrueDNC is used in file mode and in the database when the database mode is enabled.