TrueDPC is a powerful and simple to use SPC software system for creating, managing, and analyzing data for various manufacturing operations. The software is distributed and supports multiple hardware and operating system platforms in a networked environment. The software operates on PC's with Windows Nt4.0 or higher.� Popular corporate ANSI compliant Database systems are supported via a direct database interface to those systems.�� In addition, most ODBC compliant databases are supported.

Data collected can be organized by part or by process simplifying later analysis and management of this data. Short Run, large batch and automated data collection schemes are supported by the system. The software includes modules for Planning (DPC Plan), Template Creation (Template Tk), Data collection (DPC Entry), and Charting (DPC Chart) that is tied together through a Security system by (DPC Toolbar) that manages Users, Groups and permissions rights of any level of user that is allowed into the DPC system.

Data collection in the data entry module is done through a flexible an configurable driver system that can simply define new drivers for most gauge type devices. Charts can be launched from the Data Entry module and updates to the chart are maintained in real time as data is collected..