DPC Chart allows the charting of Variable or Attribute data from the data collected and stored in the database. Charts for variable data such as Individual, X Bar-R, Mv-Avg-MvR, EWMA, Scatter, XY plot and others are provided. Discrete filter statements to refine the charts based on data recorded can be easily created through a point and click facility. Filters may include tag fields, dates, operators and other information that is recorded in the database.

Attribute charts are P, NP, C, U, DPM, Pareto and so on. Attribute data can be easily grouped at plan time to automatically create Pareto charts. Pareto Chart drill down is supported by clicking on a bar in the current Pareto chart. This drill down can take the chart to a lower level Pareto and eventually to a P, C or other attribute type. Filters can also be applied to attribute charts.

A history of charts is kept so that the user can quickly move between the 15 most recent charts that have been created during the current session. Markup notes can also be added to any chart type. Statistic are also calculated on charts as they are created. Filter statements also cause recalculation of statistics as they are applied. Reports on Data, Alarms, and Statistics can also be viewed and printed as desired. Data can be exported to Excel, HTML, Flat Text in real time. Chart also operates with the Data Entry module and points are updated on the charted data as it is collected.