DPC Entry Executes the Plan as per the Plan and Template created by the planner. Automatically sets focus to data input fields on the form and locates data in the position as its entered. All data is checked against specifications, alarms will be posted that the operator must acknowledge. All data is date and time stamped when entered into the database as defined by the plan. Graphic and text instructions are also displayed (if desired) to describe and detail the data collection point reference on the physical part. Clicking on a characteristic label launches a copy of the chart module with the characteristic and database information to support real time charting. Points are added to the chart as data is collected.

Data can be entered manually or through a gauge or may be automated through a special driver interface. Drivers for many gauges are very easy to define through the DPC Gauge Administrator development is automated for ASCII string based gauge devices and are added to a library of gauges for association with a characteristic in DPC Plan.

If a data point is entered that is out of spec, the user is prompted for a cause, and then any action taken to fix the cause. This information is inserted into the database along with the data point.