DPC Gauge Administrator allows administrators or certain users to rapidly develop gauge interfaces for new gauges that are basically serial devices that provide ASCII strings of the measured data. By Clicking on the Gauge Icon in the DPC Tool Bar the gauge options panel is displayed. Defining a gauge driver is simply filling in certain characteristics about the interface with the gauges such as Baud rate number of leader and trailer characters and the number of characters in the string received from the gauge. The driver is then automatically reconfigures to parse the data from the string received from the gauge on the specified port. Naming gauge driver automatically adds it to the library of gauges that can then be used in DPC Plan to specify a gauge for a selected characteristic in the SPC plan.



The system supports other device drivers via simple scripts which are run through the interpreter included in the software. This driver approach supports multiple hardware platforms since they do not need to be compiled to any specific platform and they will run identically across all platforms. External compiled drivers are also supported.