This module is a tool kit that allows the planner to create an Entry template to be used during data collection. A widget tool bar allows the planer to place characteristic labels like data entry fields, locations for graphic images, or instructions that are used to clarify the SPC data collection process. The system also enforces data collections rules such as characteristics, sample size, etc. A template adapt wizard is also provided that will adapt new plans to previously created templates. The user can then establish a library of templates that can be rapidly adapted to new plans or a family of plans.

The widget bar contains all widgets related to characteristics in the plan that need to be placed. Placing is done by selecting a characteristic from a list and performing a drag and drop operation on the screen. This is repeated until all characteristics are placed. Saving the template then allows the DPC entry module to use is for data collection. Templates can also be save as libraries and referenced by later Template/Tk sessions that can be used with another similar plan to speed up the process of building data entry sessions.