DPC Tool Bar is a mechanism that provides a user interface under the security system of TrueDPC. Once a user is successfully logged into the DPC system, DPC functions are enabled for that user as defined by the permissions for the users group membership. These enabled functions are represented by Icons which are other DPC modules (DPC Plan, DPC Chart, Template/Tk, Bulk, DPC Entry, and Gauge). Clicking on an Icon launches the DPC function for the users needs.


An Administrator Login facility enables a database configuration and Group and Users systems. The system will test the database that has been referenced for proper security tables, and data collection database tables. If these tables do not exist, the software will prompt the administrator if these are to be created. For Groups and Users the System allow the administrator to define groups and users that are to be a member of the group. Group permissions such as allowing users to run DPC modules such as Chart, or Entry can be imposed. There is no limit on the number of users and groups that can be added into the system. Each group can also be partitioned into different sections of the database or can be assigned to different database for segmentation as needed by the customer