DPM-Admin is a set of development and layout tools that consists of modules DPM-Plan, DPM-Tk, and DPM-Chart. The DPM-Plan module is used to create the monitoring plan by defining a list of variables (signals) received from the remote equipment needed to monitor the system. Each signal has a driver defined that identifies the piece of automation equipment from which the data is to be retrieved. Each signal can also have an equation assigned to it that is used by DPM RT to access the data value from the remote equipment through the driver or to compute it based on the equation variables. These variables can be composed of other signals included in the monitor plan. All equations are computed on any change of state of any signal received during monitoring. This reduces any need for complex programming since the simple definition automatically create the monitoring scheme. DPM Plan provides the interface to the database creating all table entries for proper monitoring operation.

DPM Plan

DPM-Tk is used to layout screens that are tied to the plan stored in the database by DPM Plan. Signals a grouped by widgets they can be placed any where in the screen layout by simple drag and drop mechanism. The assignment of the protocol driver and equation stored in the plan database is assigned to the appropriate widgets preparing the screen template for DPM-RT. DPM-Tk supports multiple layers and each lay can contain widgets specific to the funtions allocated to that layer.� Common widgets may als be placed on all layers.� Cloning of one plan and template from on machine to be used for another machine is supported by both DPM Plan and DPM-Tk. These tools allow for rapid development and deployment of monitor schemes where machines of the same or similar type are used in a manufacturing facility or process.



DPM-Chart provides a mechanism for charting and analyzing the data collected by the monitoring system. The DPM-Admin software also comes with one license of DPM-RT and DPM-ViewPlus�to allow the creator of the monitoring system to test the monitoring system developed.� Unlimited licenses for DPM View only�is provided with the Admin software site license.