Machine Interfaces

Thedra has several mechanisms for interfacing with automation equipment on the shop floor.� We strongly recommend the use of ethernet network protocols where ever� possible.� This can be wired, wireless, or fiber ethernet�systems.� Thedra's drivers and software operate over these interfaces in a seamless manner.� Your network security will be the guiding force over which type of netwrok topoly that is implemented at your facility.� Contact your�network IT staff� or have them call us for questions that they may have.

The following automation equipment can be interfaced to Thedra' DPM software through the driver interfaces described below.

  • Allen Bradley CNC.� Thedra OPC driver.� CNC must have a OPC server interface available.
  • Allen Bradley PLC's most models. �Thedra OPC driver to a supported OPC�server for the Allen�bradley PLC. �
  • GE Fanuc non i series CNC� models 15 and higher
    • Thedra DNC2 protocol driver.� GeFanuc must have DNC2 adapter installed and a ethernet to rs232 adapter on the network to adapt to the serial port of the FAnauc DNC2 adapter.� COntact Thedra for more information.
    • Thedra OPC/FOCAS1 HSSB protocol driver pair.� GE Fanuc CNC must have the Fanuc HSSB interface adapters and a local PC available.
  • GE Fanuc i Series CNC with GE Fanuc FOCAS1 ethernet software models 16i or equivalent.
    • GE Fanuc CNC must have FOCAS1Ethernet software installed
    • GE Fanuc Focas1 Libraries must be available
    • Thedra OPC/FOCAS1 ethernet driver.
  • Siemens 840d CNC based machine tools with a PC front end.� MMC103, PCU50 or any XP based system.� Thedra Drivers thedra_840s_2 and conduit pair.
  • Siemens S7 PLC's� Thedra OPC driver to the Siemens OPC server.
  • Siemens 810D/HT6� OPC interface to the PLC portion of the CNC.
  • Others.� Much automation equipment is now supporting the OPC standard for communications.� Contact Thedra and we will� review your needs and recommend a solution.
  • Older technology machines.� Older technology machines will require some hardware instrumentation that can be wired into controllers to intrument the signals needed for a effiective monitroing solution.� There are now several such modules availabel on the market to perfrom this task.� In addtion we have our DMM interface with the Opto22 type protocol to support such syetem needs.� Call for more information.