Thedra Technologies, Inc. TrueDPM-RT is a flexible monitoring system that works in conjunction with other DPM software modules to round out a complete real time monitoring system.

DPM-RT will use the monitoring specified by the DPM-Plan and DPM-TK in Thedra's DPM-Admin software to run and manage the data for the real time aspect of the monitoring system. DPM-RT and associated protocol drivers are needed for each machine or process being monitored. As DPM-RT is running it will collect all the data specified in the plan and distributes the results to any screen template that is either up and running in DPM-RT or DPM View, DPM ViewPlus or DPM ViewPr.��� The background color� is changed to refelct the stat of the machine.� In the screen example� below the green area indicates that the machine is in use.� Yellow woulr be� a stp condition, grey would inidcate non production.� Other colors tied to other conditions� such as alarm is also supported.� DPM-RT also writes these events and occurrences into the database as defined by the DPM-Admin software.

DPM-RT can either run as an interactive program at the machine site or as a service or �background task off at some remote application server�that communicates with the machine or process to be monitored.� As DPM-RT is collecting and anlayzing data it also updates the DPM View Plus sessions which have a machine template identical to that of the DPM_RT module.� The DPM View module provide additional capabiliy at remote sites see DPM View for more information.

DPM-RT and all associated drivers implement an automatic recovery mechanism in the event a machine is down, the database is down, or a network down condition exists. These down conditions and recovery events are logged and messages can sent to responsible parties to correct the condition that has occurred. Once DPM-RT is started and left running the monitoring system is non-stop and does not need attention as long as the host computer running DPM-RT is up and operational. DPM-RT can also be setup to auto-start the monitoring process on systems that are frequently powered down and restarted.