DPM VCR provides the user a mechanism to playback data records from the database that shows the past performance of the machine or process. Controls exist to select a machine/process over a range of dates from the database for the VCR system to extract data to prepare the VCR for operation. Clicking the Play button will have the VCR send records to the machine/process display at a rate determined by a Speed control. Other VCR controls exist to allow the user to easily manipulate the display data. DPM Chart can also be launched from the machine/process template which will chart the data for the data relative to the VCR session.


VCR controls Pause, Stop, Reverse, and single step are also available. A speed control allows the user to control the rate of update to the machine template. VCR operations can be run simultaneously with the machine being monitored in real time. The sessions are kept separate and do not interfere with each other.