Thedra's DPM View come in several versions, DPM ViewPlus, DPM ViewPR,�and DPM View.� These DPM View systems are for use by various maintenance, manufacturing, and production departments on PC's. �All users of DPM in these areas are provided with a real time view of all machines under their jurisdiction. Different screens can be laid out for each department to show the data of interest that applies to that operational function. Icons representing machines/processes change color based on activity, Production(green), Idle (yellow) Alarm (red), maintenance (dark red). All events are date and time stamped and stored in a database. Clicking on an Icon that is representative of the machine tool brings up a detailed version of the users window to see what is actually occurring at the monitored machine.

DPM View Plus�is composed of several modules to round out a complete viewing package with much capability. This includes the base DPM View Plus�module that allows for Icon representation of a machine with status (displayed in color) being updated in real time. A DPM_ViewPlus-RT display that is similar to DPM-RT provides a remote real time run time view of the machine/process by clicking on the Icon in DPM-View. Clicking on the tabs of any DPM View module will raise the layer associated with that tab. This is� shown below with the change from the counts layer to the timer layer.� DPM ViewPlus will also allow the user to drill down to a chart to display more detail about the machines perfromance or operation.� DPM View plus also allows authorized personell to provide additional input via the Values pull down function. As an example a machine could be put into maintenance by selecting one of these funtions.�� DPM ViewPR is the same as DPM View Plus but is restricted from Chart or VCR usage.� DPM View (only)� only allows the Icon or the detail screens to be displayed.� Thedra does allow unlimited use of DPM View only� per site where as the DPM View Plus or DPM ViewPR or provided on license per user basis.

Off line analysis is available through the use of DPM Chart and DPM-VCR. These off line software modules can be run simultaneously with the DPM-RT monitoring or DPM View software without any interference.