Thedra provides thirty (30) days warrenty on all products, unless otherwise specified. Annual maintenance is offered to Thedra users and is activated after the warrenty period is concluded.

An Annual Level I Software Maintenance contract provides software support from 8 AM to 5 PM EST/EDT Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. This includes software updates, bug fixes, new releases, telephone support, and e-mail support. An electronic system using e-mail is also available that allows customers to submit problem reports, request enhancements or features, and get the status of any submitted problems/requests. This will include any known probems, solutions, and schedules of updates.

The next level of support, Level II, adds quarterly on-site visits to the the Level I support plan. These days are generally two to three contiguous days per visit. This level of support includes site-specific issues, such as operating system changes, new requested features, and site-specific problems that the customer may encounter that cannot be replicated at Thedra's engineering center.

All customers with Level I or Level II support are also provided with a private FTP account on Thedra's FTP server. This account is used for new releases of software, special routines, and other information that is considered confidential between the customer and Thedra. The customer contact will be given the FTP login and password once the contract has been put into place.